Writing updates!

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Really trying to channel my inner Lisbeth lately.

Hey dudes. It’s been an exciting week!

My creative nonfiction was published for the first time EVER. You can find it at Narratively, an incredible website that features a new nonfiction essay every weekday. My piece revolves around my prostitution history and **it might be triggering for those with sexual trauma**

Here’s a clip: “I had nothing left. The end of my relationship with Beth and the hiatus from my career exposed me to a hideous truth: I had been trapped in a trauma cycle dating back to my youth. The hands that typed out Craigslist ads, the legs that spread in strangers’ cars, and the mouth that took in wrinkled flesh – those things weren’t mine. They belonged to my past. They belonged to the part of me that still felt voiceless, choiceless, and desperate for something resembling love from men who had none to offer.”

Click here to read the full version!

I’m also the new coauthor of the “More Than Borderline” blog at HealthyPlace. You can find my intro page here and my first blog post here.


2 thoughts on “Writing updates!

  1. I just read every word of your piece on Narratively. You’re an amazing writer! Never has a personal essay gripped my attention like yours did. I’ll keep an eye out for more of your work.

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