A poem composed of 90s alt-rock song titles

I was sick last night and spent two hours on the following nonsense. It’s exactly what the title suggests. I fucking love shitty 90s music, omg.

About a Girl

If you could only see Iris cut your hair.
She’s so high.
Don’t look back in anger.
It’s all been done —
devils haircut, sex type thing, lithium.
You get what you give, Jane says.

every morning, my friends slide into your arms.
Give me one reason to never let you go.
Never is a promise gone away.
down in a hole.
just a girl bound for the floor.
you oughta know,
I do only wanna be with you.
The chemicals between us
erase / rewind scar tissue.

a bittersweet symphony.
I’m tripping on a hole in a paper heart,
but nothing compares 2 U.
You’re a god, inside out.
I love you and all the small things —
Sunday morning, vaseline, sex and candy.
Mmm mmm mmm mmm.

my name is Jonas and
I will buy you a new life.
Til I hear from you,
shine one headlight.
Good riddance, I gotta get away.
Closing time.


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