174 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Vice Media’s Natasha VC and to Anyone Else Who Thinks I’m Lying

  1. Dear one,
    Please continue to stand for all that you believe in. You make a difference in a world that not everyone can find the strength to share their voice. Believe in yourself. Your incredible attitude is something to aspire to. Please know their are many who support and admire your bravery and passion. Sharing your story helps break down the many apparent boundaries that survivors face. May you be blessed to find peace and know that you matter, more than you may ever know to many ❤

  2. You took the high road. You stood up for so many who don’t have a voice.

    Even when the haters tried to silence you, you stood tall.

    THAT is something to be proud of.

  3. Hello. I have never been in your situation. I do not know how it feels to go through all you have gone through. I am however, a woman, a sister, a daughter, and by far my highest achievement, a mother. Never do I want my daughter to go through what you have gone through. I am VERY sorry to hear that this person called you out and bullied and belittled you. Do I believe you, yes. Because that is what we, as people, need to do. We need to believe each other, until proved otherwise.
    I can only send you good thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes, and write here, that yes, I believe you. And millions of other women and men believe you too, because it has happened to them, or someone they know. Be proud of yourself for standing up to your rapist. For standing up for yourself. However, don;’t stoop to the levels of the haters. She doesn’t believe you. Ok. Its hurts. Yes. But she is one of many. There are many more who do believe you. Who wish they could take away your pain. Who stand behind you. Who are there for you. Reach to those people. Leave the haters behind. You will be stronger for it.

  4. I love ur blog! I also follow! It really doesn’t matter circumstances…. Rape…. And molestation is wrong! I had both happen to me! I was molested as a child by my mother boyfriend for 3 years and raped when I was 25…. Regardless of the situation it is wrong!!!!! What it does to us and how it makes us feel! Is the damn point and for someone to make it any worse is even more wrong!!!! Much love and keep strong…. I stand behind you 100%🤘🏼😜

  5. Beating up your attacker is to be praised, not because revenge is cool but because in the end you proved to yourself that you’re strong enough to defend yourself…you are a beautiful person and your actions should have strengthen your self-esteem…in the end you are the winner…sorry you were diss-ed though

  6. HI, I just read your post. I am so sure you are a very wise, intelligent, strong person and it proves well by how you are still standing tall over all what you have been through. I didn’t go through painful situations like you. But I know things could be so hard at times. Cause people may say certain things which would make you sleepless and stay awake in the night wondering. But keep this in your mind, never for a one minute doubt about yourself, and also try to live in the present. What has happened is already happened and you cannot change it. Well they say happiness is a choice. So choose that over the pain and hurt ignoring the negative things. Wish you all the happiness 🙂

  7. Never going to watch Vice again after reading this, what a cowardly, pathetic and very immature thing to do to you. Thank you for being so brave and making your story public, more women need courage. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, she should be embarrassed by her actions and I hope she regrets making such hurtful comments. And the vice team (who I really thought were fantastic people doing good by showing the blinded world such horrific issues) punishes her for being so disrespectful and tacky. I hope you can overcome this and continue to kick butt everyday! Xoxoxox 💕💕💕

  8. Dear Emily:
    You’ve had to struggle for even the most basic forms of control in your life. Putting something controversial up on the internet was a brave thing to do. You might consider that Natasha’s post has nothing to do with what you wrote – it might simply have been something done tactically in the larger war between xoJane and Vice for legitimacy – her point about the “fact checker” tends in that direction. You may have been targeted simply because your post was getting read.
    I wish you strength and success as you work to define, defend and extend the bubble of your intention. I pray that your attempts to visualize a future of healing become more and more concrete, and eventually bloom into inner peace.

  9. Thanks for sharing your story Emily. Your bravery shines through and soars above everything else. I’m in my 40s, and at this point can say that one of the reasons we women haven’t achieved equal status is because we disrespect each other more harshly and publicly than any man ever has – or will. Once we top dissing each other, and start having each others’ backs, we’ll realize the power and safety that men have always enjoyed.

  10. Wow, you’re such a strong woman. I can’t believe you actually did what you did!
    I had felt like being abused when I was with my last partner, because he tried to touch me every time he could and sometimes I didn’t feel like letting it happen but I kept it to myself. Now I see your story and it encourages me to go and punch him in his face! You’re a really good example of braveness. Love you! Forgive me if I had any mistake on this writing, English isn’t my native language lol

  11. You my dear are a lion and a lion does lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep! You are brave. You are fierce. Do not let anyone get get down!!!


  12. 💜your ability to stay calm and address the situation maturely deserves to be commended. There’s nothing more upsetting to me than seeing a victim become the accused. You’re stronger than you think.

  13. A journalist is not supposed to be biased. And, she clearly is. I am from India and do not read vice or xojane. But, it takes courage to reveal your identity and tell a story like that and it takes nothing much to criticise and shame someone publicly.

  14. I wish I hadn’t buried my head in the sand and had done the same. He deserves so much worse, well done for speaking out and beating the lowlife up.

  15. Emily Eveland. As mentioned you are a strong women and you have overcome a lot of things. You did what you felt was write and you don’t owe anyone an explanation. You know what ultimately went down. Keep on keeping on girl. Greater things are coming your way. 👌

  16. Natasha is embarrassing herself without any of your help. I know all about Internet haters and people see right through them. Xoxo

  17. You keep telling your truth so that maybe just maybe it prevents another girl from having this trauma. Or maybe so that it helps parents talk to their girls about this and boys about respecting girls bodies, minds and beings.

  18. Hi. Im also a rape survivor. Your story has touched and moved me. Youre a very brave woman to tell your story. Continue to be strong and bold, sister. We are counting on you.

  19. Warrior Up!, haters gonna hate….. you are on a path, your guts are right. Words are spells and more if you take them personally. You cant do anything about what others think about you…ultimately knowing that you followed your heart and tried your hardest…that is the reward…. your song is really cool…. u are too helping minds worldwide, dont forget, she did just sipped power into the silence culture, and called the women reaching out to her neurotic and numb….what a traitor. flow on!♡

  20. Wow absolutely stunned by everything. But let me just say you are strong & yes at that a surviver. Don’t let the odds go against you. Continue to preach and follow in what you believe in. Everyone’s reality of life is different and that is ok because it is what makes us unique. You are human and you have a voice. Continue to grow and take these experiences and let them make you a better person. Continue to enlighten those around you and keep positive energy at 100%. ✊🏻❤️

  21. You are not the one who should feel they have anything to be embarrassed about. I wish I hadn’t kept quiet about what happened to me. I’ve lost 90% (no pun intended) of my friends from the situation from simply not being able to speak up and tell the truth.You are brave. And a total bad ass. Keep your head up, always!

  22. Hey, just wanted to say, that I am proud that there are rape survivors not afraid of speaking out about what happened to them. I do not condone violence, but if I had no chance of getting him/her through the legal shit I would hit him/her as well. You did great, considering the backlash that Natasha caused. In our times, the media i not objective and still widely led by dicxxxxds. Keep your head up!

  23. I think its right thing you done that you humiliated that guy that rapped you it will be a lesson for him. All though you can’t turn back time ( its really sad that big media journalist or Human right,equal rights or what ever they only pretend that they care for people. They are only puppets controlled by there masters and told what to do. Keep fighting and don’t give up.

  24. You were a brave woman! You are a brave woman! You’ll always be brave woman! Never feel yourself alone, the support of your braveness and hearty soul is always there with you! 🙂

  25. Wow really poweful writing though I feel you were over generous to Natasha. Not borderline bully but rather full on. As you state if you put your head that far above the parapet the trolls will come out closely followed or led by the haters but they can only ever hurt you if you let them and I believe you are strong enough to ignore them.

  26. hi, emily, my name is abi and i am almost 16 years old. as a self-declared feminist (even though my parents complain) this is one of my absolute favorite articles i have ever read (second only to the article recently published about donald trump’s history with women. nothing will ever beat that article, i want everyone to read it). i have immense respect towards you and love the way you responded to that reporter. i cannot believe she had the audacity to say that your story was made up, ridiculous! as a member of the next generation of feminists, i am so proud to have women like you to look up to. your courage is so inspiring and empowering to me. i hope to someday become strong and brave and empowered like you, so thank you for putting this out there for people like me to read and be inspired. that’s it, i just wanted to say how inspiring this is to me and how ridiculously shitty that reporter treated you. keep on keeping on!

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