You know too much already, really.

These are a few of my favorite (people, places, and) things:

  1. Good Burger
  2. Atomic Fireball candies
  3. My dog, Little Moon
  4. Barcelona
  5. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
  6. Blink-182 
  7. Glitter and red lipstick
  8. Antioch University Los Angeles
  9. Longmire
  10. Notes to Myself by Hugh Prather
  11. These pens
  12. My brothers, Zach and Luke
  13. Maria Bamford
  14. Broad City
  15. Pinup Girl Clothing
  16. Procrastinating by writing lists of my favorite things

24 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Hey Leif, Do you have an email address? I’d love to send you an email if it is something you are open to. I hope all is well! Nelao

  2. Hey you 😉 just want to say I love this and I think it’s great that you’re able to share your thoughts and experiences so freely on here. Also, you should totally email me😆!

  3. I stumbled across your blog through Your writing is beautiful, keep it up and I will keep reading. Stay safe. 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m leaving this here because I couldn’t figure out how to contact you but I just read your piece on xojane and it made me cry and I love you and I needed to read it and just thank you and that tattoo is amazing and so are you okay bye

  5. new favorite writer.. I got here through an xoJane article shared on Facebook by a friend. another friend mentioned your blog. and now, I am in love:)

  6. I didnt know how else to contact you. But i just finished reading your article on how you gave your rapist a taste of his own medicine. U took his power away. I admire u. The first time i was raped i was 12. The guy was a neighbor at the time. He was 28. I was troubled. And i blamed my self. Every once in a while i still do. But thats probably for three main reasons.
    1. Afterwards, since i lived on the streets, i put myself in more bad situations with him and Then others, trying to bury the pain. I was stupid.
    2. Even though almost my whole family, especially my mom, knows what he did.. My mom is friends with him. He married her sister in law. Hes on her fb. They hang out and go out at least once a month. Its like i can never fully get rid of him. Ive cried and screamed and told my mom how he raped me. How i said no over and over and afterwards he looked at me like i was stupid and said he didnt know i meant it. How he put it in my ass when i begged him not to and then laughed at me made fun of me. And she has nothing but excuses. And 3. Most people blamed me, and slut shamed me. Although i know i was young im glad i had literally just lost my virginity bc if i hadnt had sex the one time. He would have taken that from me also. I had nightmares and even daymares for years. I would walk the streets and see his face in the shadows. I was weak amd had no support, but i wish i would have done something. Anything. I was 12. Im 23 now and it still eats at my soul. Sorry for the rant. But your story touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing it. Even though i didnt get my revenge. In way i feel like i got to live vicuriously through your story. While i am so so sorry it happened to u, It felt so good to know that at least he didnt get away with it. You are amazing. Thank you.

    • You are amazing, too. You’ve overcome so much — more than most experience in a lifetime. It gets easier, though never quite perfect. I hope you’ve found an outlet for yourself. What you’ve experienced is too much to keep inside.

      Never apologize for needing to vent. It’s important to speak your truth. I appreciate you doing so here.

      I hope you’re warm, safe, and well. Thank you for sharing your story with me. I’m sending you lots of love.

  7. I had a long ol story/rant including my own experience. but my phone messed up and erased it. Im not going to write it again. But i just had to tell you that u are amazing. I havent got anywhere near any kind of closure., but i feel like while reading your article i was able to live vicurously through you. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It reached my heart and soul.

  8. Just here to say I loved your piece on xojane and that you should never be asked to apologize for getting revenge because you didn’t do anything wrong. If that shitstain didn’t want a beating, he shouldn’t have raped you.

  9. Comment: Just found your retort to that chick from Vice calling you a liar and eluding to incest for laughs…..trying to call you out for breaking the law!

    What a moron. If only women like this understood by being sexist pigs towards their own sex it will ALWAYS end up worse….FOR ALL OF US.

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